Larry’s Party

Author: Carol Shields

ISBN: 9780679309512
Pages: 352
Description: Larry Weller, born in 1950, is an ordinary guy made extraordinary by his creator’s perception, irony and tenderness. Carol Shields gives us, as it were, a CAT scan of his life, in episodes between 1977 and 1997 that flash back and forward seamlessly. As Larry journeys toward the millennium, adapting to society’s changing expectations of men, Shields’ elegant prose makes the trivial into the momentous. Among all the paradoxes and accidents of his existence, Larry moves through the spontaneity of the seventies, the blind enchantment of the eighties and the lean, mean nineties, completing at last his quiet, stubborn search of self. Larry’s odyssey mirrors the male condition at the end of our century with targeted wit, unerring poignancy and faultless wisdom.
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