The Meaning of Happiness

Author: Alan W. Watts

ISBN: 9780060801786
Description: THIS WAS FANTASTIC. In the top five books I’ve ever read. I need to go back and knock everything else on here down a star. I’ve been listening to alan watts’ lectures since I was 17 and, still, this book blew me away with wit and clarity.

Not for everybody, though.

If you are interested in the crossover between eastern psychology/religion and western christianity/judaism, read this book.

If you like Heidegger or like making fun of Sartre, read this book.

If you practice Vedanta-oriented ANYTHING, read this book.

If you meditate and don’t quite get why it’s not ‘working’, read this book.

If you’re really closed minded about all religion and metaphysics, don’t bother.

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