Title: Pinky Pye

Author: Eleanor Estes

ISBN: 9780152025656
Pages: 192
Description: No matter how many times I read this book, I come away renewed and re-charmed. It’s an almost 60 year old book, but it’s still crisp and enchanting, with its small mystery and chatty yet wry narrative; reading Pinky Pye – really, reading Estes period – arouses an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for a another time and place (albeit one most likely nonexistent outside of children’s books and fuzzy memories). I hope there are still families like the Pyes out there, children who can still be fascinated by crickets and watching a man catch a 2 lb fish in the surf, who build wagons from junk drifted to shore after a storm, who teach their dogs to count, who are content (or even allowed) to sit on the roof and watch whatever needs to be watched. The last lines are poignant, as the Pyes (as far as I can tell) never appeared in print again: “‘Well,’ said Papa, ‘since we have finished with the book and we have finished with the book report, what do we do now, Pinky Pye?’ … at the door, [Pinky] looked back at Mr. Pye… ‘Woe,’ she replied sadly.”
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